Our Story

Change begins with a small goal, an aspiration. A goal not for when we mature and grow, but NOW.

More than an organization, San Bernardino Generation Now aims to be a movement that is propelled by a desire and passion to empower our community. We envision a new norm for our city and it begins with a simple goal, to unite for change.

To reach that goal- we need to come to a brutally honest realization of where we are- understanding our values and listening to what our neighbors say about the city. To not do this, to claim everything is well or that nothing else can be done, is a disservice to the community. It distorts reality and simply protects the status quo, paralyzing the city and any hopes to improve it.

Many residents are starved for change but have become disillusioned with any prospects of it.  And yet, those who have been involved in conversations, weighing the options for change, know there is a lot of potential in San Bernardino. It has been sold short by many, most upsetting by its own residents.  That’s the struggle and barrier which we must move beyond. We need to collectively believe again that it can be done, that we can make a change in our city.

Share in our dream & let us share in yours.

Do not settle. Do not be paralyzed by fear and doubt.

Be positive and have faith in yourself. If we will accomplish anything, we must first believe it can be done.

Aspire, you are San Bernardino Generation Now.

Our Timeline

  • In 2013

    In 2013, many of us were shocked at the news that San Bernardino’s political leadership had decided to declare bankruptcy. This declaration sparked a passion in many young adult volunteers from Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC) to branch out beyond the political limitations of non-profit organizations and start a movement. In addition to the young members of ICUC, more community leaders including Zealous Creative and students from California State University of San Bernardino (CSUSB) and San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) joined this effort to create what is now known as San Bernardino Generation Now (SBGN).

    Our movement first made the news in October of 2013 in a get-out-the-vote drive in response to the city’s bankruptcy. Working on a collaborative arts and music festival aimed at civic engagement entitled ‘Turn Up the Vote Live’. Kimberly Johnson wrote a small article for the Arts Connection.

    Later in October John Weeks released an article with a story from Rosa Lopez. A youth from our city who was empowered by our hope mural which was placed on the outer wall of her house.

  • In 2014

    The Revolve project in partnership with Zealous Creatives and SBGN organized the Downtown Summer Fest, landing on labor day weekend August 30-31st. Member Anthony Victoria was quoted in an article by Haya El Nasser

    “We’re a group of young adults ages 18 to 30 who want to make changes in the community,” Victoria said. “We’re frustrated with everything that’s been happening with the bankruptcy and we’re taking it upon ourselves to engage the community.”

    “We try to encourage our young residents to register. As young people, we kind of want to go outside and leave our area. I feel we can’t do that anymore. We try to find ways to encourage people to stay in San Bernardino and spark that rejuvenation that we need.”

  • In 2015

    In April SBGN was interviewed by The Alantic Journal regarding our communities hard work at Seccombe Lake Park as well as our efforts to get out the vote. 

    In November in an Inland Empire Community News op-ed by Lou Chen in response to the negative LA Times Article Entitled San Bernardino: Broken City he praised SBGN Saying

    “ One of the city’s most fervent champions goes by the name of San Bernardino Generation Now, a movement dedicated to the beautification and betterment of the city—and run entirely by our youth and young adults. Walk through a disadvantaged neighborhood and you might see a visually stunning mural breathing life into an old wall. Visit a local park and you might hear the sounds of a music festival taking place. These are but a sample of the many endeavors SB Generation Now has pursued in its quest to take back the city. And these organizations I have mentioned only scratch the surface of the many groups intent on uplifting San Bernardino, one community-led venture at a time.“

  • In 2016

    In Febuary Michel Nolan of the San Bernardino Sun interviewed some of our leaders.

    In March efforts at Seccombe Lake continued to progress through our group conducting a community survey around Seccombe Lake Park, we partnered with groups like Sinderblocks and Puente Club at San Bernardino Valley College. In an article by the PE by Alejandra Molina member Miriam Nieto as well as Fabian Torres were quoted regarding the work at Seccombe.

    “We thought now that we did this mural project, ‘What are we going to do?’ We don’t want to keep cleaning because that’s the responsibility that the city should be doing,” said Nieto, of San Bernardino Generation Now….“If you really see other cities, they focus on their arts and they focus on their parks so much because it’s an affordable public space where people can just come together and hang out,” Nieto said.

    In May Bridgeport Generation Now was founded by Leaders in Bridgeport Connecticut in an article from Cedar Attanasio you can hear about some of their work.

  • In 2017

    In January the SB Sun wrote another article featuring some of the Social Practice work SBGN uses to engage with the community.

    Early in March SBGN joined other community groups and residents in denouncing a letter sent to Donald Trump at an ‘ Evening with the Mayor’ event at the Faith Bible Church in San Bernardino.

    On March 6th, 2017 SBGN joined ICUC in action as we continued to be vocal regarding the reasons why the letter was a foolish act by our Council and sitting mayor. In an article by Anthony Victoria.

    In late March down town Redlands Art Walk or DTR for short featured SBGN’s artist collective as well as other artists from The Garcia Center for the Arts a project of the San Bernardino Valley Concert Association. Kristina Hernandez as well as Yazmin Alvarez reported.

    In May SBGN Member Christian Flores was quoted in an article by Arthur Medrano regarding his on going tournament project which leads to the bigger idea of entertainment as an economic driver. “Video games play a special role in my life and play a special role in my heart. They are a powerful modern art form that is multi-faceted and has the potential for so much depth,” said CSUSB alumni and tournament organizer Christian Flores….“The Brew Rebellion Melee Tournament has been my project as part of SBGN as a mini economic engine for the brewery, to help grow the San Bernardino Melee Scene, and a much-needed event for the San Bernardino and nearby Melee Communities,” added Flores

  • In 2018

    In an article about James and Debrahs book  Our Towns by Patrick Sisson it states “Generation Now—San Bernardino economic development and civil advocacy group.”

    In April CSUSB Students make the news for being awarded a Golden Mic Award for Best Public Affairs Program in which SBGN was interviewed Season 5, Episode #128

  • In 2019

    January 26thSBGN held the ‘Breezeway Artwalk’ with support from partners and volunteers. Partners included Arts Connection, ICUC, Viva La Boba, BZealous, THC Designs,

    Manny B. Sandoval wrote an article regarding the successful event.  

  • Our Mission

    SBGN is a community-driven network that leverages the arts to educate the public on local socio-political issues, to create civic engagement opportunities that embrace San Bernardino’s diverse cultural demographics. By fostering a positive environment and encouraging residents to take active roles in enacting positive change; SBGN will heal, revitalize, and strengthen the community of San Bernardino.

  • Purpose

    Dissatisfied with the economic and political state of the city of San Bernardino, SBGN was formed in 2013 to redefine the economic and political landscape of San Bernardino. In order to replace the negative stigmas surrounding the community, SBGN has focused its efforts on empowering young people to take ownership and responsibility of San Bernardino so that they may illuminate to other community members that the city is worth their time and care.

  • Objectives

    • Educate the community about economic, political, and social issues that impact the wellbeing of San Bernardino.
    • Promote civic engagement and a cultural exchange within San Bernardino’s diverse community by supporting the arts.
    • Collaborate and partner with local organizations to host events that foster a progressive, transparent, inclusive, and united community.

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